Brewery Grosch: handcrafted brewing art since 1492

It has always been a laborious process to produce a high-quality beer naturally in a hand-crafted brewery. The Grosch beers, traditionally handcrafted from the beginning, have always been known for their exceptional taste and purity and have been appreciated by travelers and celebrity guests like Martin Luther for more than 500 years as a pleasant refreshment. Today, ten beers from the brewery Grosch, above all the Fuhrmannstrunk and the Luthertrunk, pay tribute to this historic tradition.

Our summer beers



The mahogany-colored, silky shiny Fuhrmannstrunk with its wonderfully creamy foam unfolds its full malt character at the first sip. The drinking pleasure immediately reveals light roasted aromas of coffee and caramel to finally complete with a subtle hop aroma. With a original wort of 13.4% and an alcohol content of 5.5%.

Fuhrmannstrunk alkoholfrei

Beer lovers from near and far appreciate this incomparable way. We have spent a lot of time polishing it until we can present you our alcohol-free beer. Thanks to a particularly gentle brewing process, we have managed to preserve the essence of the Fuhrmannstrunk and thus to provide a unique treat for anyone who doesn’t want to drink alcohol.

Prinz Albert Pils

A golden, tingling Pils with fine-dry aromas and a hoppy note on the finish, thus a typical representative of the Franconian Pils-style. This original Grosch Prince Albert Pils has 11.5% original wort and contains 4.9% alcohol.


An unfiltered, amber-colored organic beer specialty with opalescent light reflections. Brewed with four different malts, it unfolds fine aromas of dried dates and caramel sweets. Full malt flavor with a hint of vanilla reminiscent of an Irish whiskey. With 13.5% original wort and 5.5% alcohol.

Zwickl Bier

The gold, opalescent beer with natural brewer’s yeast. It’s smelling of fresh hay and a blooming spring meadow – with a round malty taste and fine bitter hops it is a typically Franconian cellar specialty with 11,5% original wort and 4,9% alcohol.


The bright wheat beer by the craft brewery Grosch. Its zappiness and the mild-fruity, floral aroma with nuances of banana make this wheat beer with its fine yeast to a uniquely bracing refreshment. The bright Grosch-Weissbier has 12% original wort and 5.0% alcohol.

Anno 1492

Anno 1492

Brewed with the best hops from the old and the new world – the Anno 1492 combines centuries old Grosch brewing culture with flavors that a beer has never offered before. The drinking pleasure starts with fine malt, then unfolds in aromas of tropical citrus fruits.


The bright yellow, brilliant Grosch harvest beer is fresh and sparkling with spicy spring aromas – a light pleasure. The shortened fermentation process ensures less alcohol in full taste. Bottom fermented, with 7.9% original wort and 2.8% alcohol, the harvest beer is an ideal beer for the initial thirst.


From May and only for a short time: The shiny, ruby red beer specialty for all lovers! Its creamy head of foam captivates with its slightly floral aromas and a hint of quince. Unfolding, lready at the first sip, a taste of honey caramel and fine roasted aromas.


Our non-alcoholic, mahogany malted drink impresses with delicate chocolate roasted aromas will soothe your palate with its almond-caramels. Our tasty malted drink meets the taste of children and all who love a special character.