Duchy and beer cosiness

The best way to immerse yourself in the way of life of the people in the Franconian Duchy. Experience the ducal sights and history of a European Dynasty. Be inspired by magical Hummel figures when visiting Goebel. In short, combine culinary and cultural highlights into an extraordinary experience. Experience over 500 years of brewing tradition and unique taste experiences.

2 nights in our lovingly furnished guest rooms
including breakfast buffet, brewery tour & beer menu

Bookable at any time for groups of 8 or more

1st Day

Individual arrival

In the evening, we serve a seasonal Franconian menu.

2nd Day

Breakfast buffet

On the second evening (or alternatively on the third evening) we will guide you through our small private craft brewery with beer tasting and three-course beer menu.

3rd Day

Breakfast buffet

Individual departure

The prices for our offer „On Prince Albert’s tracks“ range from

€ 132,00 per person in a double room to
€ 167,00 in a single room.