More seasonal dishes in our Calendar!

Here is an overview of our culinary offer on the Grosch menu. During our action weeks, which change throughout the year, you will find here more dishes.


White herring „housewife`s style“ with apples and onions
Baked potato with herb and marinated salmon
Seasonal salad served with roasted slices of chicken breast or escalope
lamb’s lettuce on cranberry-vinaigrette with wild ham and croutons
Garlic Bread

Homemade soups

Franconian liver dumpling soup with vegetable slices
Beef boullion with sempolina & pancake slices and vegetables
horseradish-cream soup with croutons


Troutfilet with horseradish and potatoes
Catfish filet with horsredish sauce and patatoes

Franconian roasts

Goose breast with redcabbage and potato dumplings
Franconian marinated beef with home-made potato dumplings and fresh salad
pork roast with darkbeersauce,
home-made potato dumplings and sauerkraut
filled beef with home-made potato dumplings and fresh salad
Franconian marinated beef with horseradish sauce, home-made potato dumplings and fresh salad
dear roast in vinegar with cranberries, redcabbage and potatoe dumplings

Vegetarian dishes

champignons in cream with baked dumplings
noodles with herbpesto, mushrooms and tomatos
rice curry dish with coconut milk and herbs

Typical “Grosch”

‘Grosch’n Beer-liver’ sliced chicken liver in spicy beer sauce, with fried onions and roasted potatoes
Brewer steak’ steak of pork, roast onions, fried egg and potatoes
Braumeistersteak: Rumpsteak an einer Zwiebel-Specksauce, mit Fuhrmannstrunk verfeinert, dazu Kartoffelkroketten
escalope of pork, with French fries
Cordon bleu escalope of pork filled with ham and cheese, served with French fries and Hollandaise sauce
chickensteak with mushrooms in cream and croquettes

Evening extra dishes

Franconian Snacks

Home-made Obatzter: Camembert, hearty dressed with paprika, onions, butter and a sip of Prince Albert Pils, plus country bread
Grosch’n Franconian Snack: Red and white pressack, raw ham and pork ham, liverwurst, cow cheese, lard and country bread
Tartar: Fresh ground beef with capers, anchovies, onions, cucumbers, yolks (served separately), with country bread and butter
Franconian sausage salad with onions and cucumbers, country bread and butter
Franconian brawn with hearty vinegar-oil-sauce, onions and fried potatoes
Country bread with three kinds of Franconian sausage
Country bread with boiled or raw ham
Country bread with cheese
Franconian cheese, pickled in a vinegar oil dip with onions, country bread and lard
Plate of mixed salad with cheese and ham strips, served with white bread