Walk in the shoes of the courageous reformer Martin Luther. Visit the historic places Martin Luther visited already. Luther found protection on the Veste Coburg in 1530. On his way to the Reichstag in Augsburg he stayed at several places in our region. Experience Luther’s Ways on the „Luther Evening” with culinary delights and learn all about our artisan brewed beer that tastes like almost 500 years ago when Martin Luther drank it himself.

Be amazed by the life of Prince Albert from Coburg, the husband of Queen Victoria, who was substantially involved in the rise of the British Empire, once, the most powerful empire in the world. Trace the way of Prince Albert from his early years in the Rödentaler Rosenau to the wedding with Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland. Visit its historic sites and favourite places. See how the prince turned the Duchy of Coburg-Saxonia and Gotha into a European Dynasty that still governs the most important royal houses in Europe today.

The essence of brewing culture and duchy. Combine over 500 years of artisan brewing culture with franconian hospitality and the nodal points of a duchy that influenced the destinies of the world like no other. Experience the twelve most popular sights in the city and region according to your taste.

Take a break together. Spend time together like everyday life would never allow. Let yourself be enlivened by the candlelight dinner and be inspired by the walk through the picturesque Rosenau meadows or feel the invigorating power of the ThermeNatur Bad Rodach – the holistic wellbeing experience for body, mind and soul.

Be enchanted by the autumnal romance of shorter days. Enjoy the ducal sights and pre-Christmas attractions of the Coburg region. Get inspired by the visit of the Coburg Christmas market and the glassblower town of Lauscha, which in 1847 was the birthplace of the art of glassblowing and especially of the Christmas tree decoration.

Enjoy the peace and idyll of the franconian winter, plunge into snow fun or just do both! The ski areas in the Thuringian Forest, such as Fehrenbach, Heubach or Siegmundsburg, can be reached within 30 minutes. We offer you relaxation and sweet idleness practically on our doorstep – for example when walking through the idyllic English Park of the Rosenau, visiting the world-famous four castles or the completely preserved Coburg Old Town.

A successful mixture of tradition, relaxation and recreation. Combine the turn of the year with an exciting trip through more than 500 years of brewing tradition. Taste our unique beer specialties and enjoy the wellness area of the ThermeNatur in Bad Rodach.

Tauchen Sie ein in die Farbenpracht der blühenden Rosenau und festlich geschmückter Osterbrunnen

Immerse yourself in the colourful splendour of the blooming Rosenau and the festively decorated Easter Fountain. Stroll through the summer residence of the Coburg dukes and find out why Queen Victoria would have preferred to spend her entire life at Schloss Rosenau. While strolling through the Osterbrunnen mile in Coburg, enjoy the fairy-tale-like old town and try out what makes a really good beer in the evening.